Another Weekend Recap

Here's a little look into an awesome weekend:
Friday involved a little work bowling party with some fabulous coworkers.
Getting paid to eat Buffalo Wild Wings, go bowling, and eat cake?
I think yes.
Oh, and did I mention I made a little bet that the loser in bowling had to eat cake without their hands?
Can you guess who lost?
That night I had some friends over and we did a little craft night.
It was so much fun!
We did some canvas art as well as making DIY flower barrettes.
[CLICK HERE to see the flower tutorial]

Then we ended Friday by stopping in to see some of our friends and play a little foose ball & pool.
Saturday involved lots of laziness and of course a mini Lost marathon.
Sunday included a little church time & lunch with our pastor and his wife.
D then went out to a volleyball tournament to do some student recruitment and I stayed home to work on a few projects including a DIY for this week, writing letters, and clothing repairs.

All-in-All, it was yet another awesome week!

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  1. Bowling looked like so much fun!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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