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Hi Guys, I'm over guest posting on a friend's blog today!
We decided to switch up things for this lovely Thursday, so please make sure to make Mar feel welcome!
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Hello all!! I’m here as a guest on H’s blog. I’m SO excited!! :) 
We got together and decided on sharing on each other’s blog for a bit of a change, so I hope you enjoy…and you should, because this is all about Heidi!! 
Our goal was a favorite memory of the girl who’s blog we are writing on-in this case, Heidi. So, I started instantly thinking about all the great times, all the fun time, all the wild times. I remembered so many things I tried to find something unique, and something that would allow you to learn something you don’t already know about Heidi. I can’t say as though I succeeded, so I decided to just go with something that was unique to ME about Heidi. Can’t replace this memory. 
Now, while I HATE posting this picture of me, please keep in mind I had just given birth to Heidi’s nephew (by Jesus, not blood) William. Like, an hour prior. So, the baby weight hadn’t gone away…and now, almost 3 years late, pesky baby weight’s still there! Regardless, this about Heidi. Now, she has always been supportive, loving, and willing to give a helping hand. But I think this particular moment stood out to me because she traveled about an hour away to come see me, and stayed in the waiting room with my family and friends. I couldn’t believe it. Someone I had only met a few years prior and hadn’t really gotten close to until just before allowed my little family into her life, and loved us as if she’d known us for years. 
While Heidi has so many qualities I and many other people work our whole lives to aquire, the above mentioned loving kindness, humor, etc. I think she has something I personally will NEVER have the priveledge of considering a natural talent. She loves without abandon, puts her whole heart into the people around her, and has this innate ability to give, love, and support people the way Jesus does. It’s something that makes you feel comfortable instantly, and something that can quite frankly be intimidating. I long for my tombstone to say something about my being kind and gracious, yet her life shouts out her love for others. I appreciate that. And adding Dave into the mix has been a wonderful blessing, to watch them grow as a couple, warms my heart.
Now, while this wasn’t a memory per se, I hope you were instantly brought back to a memory of her where she comforted you, let you know she was there, loved you, and allowed you to see Jesus’ love. What memories do you have of her? Please share!! 
Thank you for letting me into your little world of H. I know you were expecting HER blog, but thank you for your time, and I would love to see you on mine

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  1. So true! H has a natural love for others!!


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