Perfect type of day

Shirt - OP
Skirt/Shoes/Tights - Target
Scarf - Borrowed
Sunglasses - TJ Maxx
Bracelet - H&M

Today was one of those perfect type days--
It was one of those days where you have meetings that keep you out of the office, lunch with your coworkers, and meetings with students that last long enough to keep you preoccupied. 
Maybe this would stress some people out, but I love keeping busy and making the day go by fast.
And the day got even better thanks to the beautiful weather we've been having that created the perfect day to go running and making stir fry. (Might I add that is was ridiculously good stir fry)
All in all,
If tomorrow ends up half as good as today, I will call this week a success!

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  1. Sounds like a PERFECT day!
    Recipe for the stir fry??

    1. Oh most definitely-- I'll try to get a post put up with it, it's fabulous! :)


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