Another Well Spent Weekend

Oh what a great weekend!
Friday night was spend at a banquet for the College D. & I work for -- then D. had his Friday Night Live event that night. Both were so much fun and it's nice too see all of D's hard work pay off!
Here's a little look at the celtic/contortion act we saw at the banquet.
It was kind of crazy:

& here's a shot from one of D's FNL skits:

On Saturday, D. took me to go see one of my favorite bands in Columbus
& get this, the concert was only $5!
Of Monsters and Men were INCREDIBLE & the other bands that played with them were just as excellent: Kasabian, Margot and the Nuclear So and So'sJ Roddy Walston and The Business, and The Spruce Campbells
{Take advantage of CD101's Side B concert this weekend- it's only $5 as well!}

As for Sunday,
I spent that time with the pups & my family.
My aunt made her usual delicious Sunday lunch and then we all sat around outside taking in the gorgeous afternoon we were having.
It was so wonderful.

The excellent weekend made up for the not so excellent Monday where I came home to puppy diarrhea and D. saved the day as our garbage disposal clogged up and our cabinets ended up soaking wet.
Oh Joy.
Thank goodness D. made some waffles for dinner!

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  1. OMG! We were like right next to each other! Did you see my post on Monday? Of Monsters & Men were so good weren't they?!?! Kev and I will be there this Saturday too :)

    1. No I didn't see the post! Oh how funny is that?!?!! They were absolutely incredible-- I wish they could have played more! We were right up near the front for most of it :)
      I'm think about going Saturday too because I really want to hear Walk the Moon but we're not for sure on our plans yet.


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