Mmmm Chipotle

Every stressful week needs a Chipotle night.
There is just something about a delicious veggie bowl that makes my heart happy.
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Thanks everyone for relating and encouraging me yesterday.
You know what, I'm glad I vented a little, it definitely made me see a brighter side to things and at least finally admitting things I had kept under wraps for so long.
I hate to be seen as a failure or a disappointment.
I don't like seeming flaky or unreliable;
but I'm starting to see there are definitely differences between the two extremes and just because I'm unhappy doesn't mean I can't improve the things that make me unhappy or make me unsettled.
I know I can be committed.
I know I'm a hard worker.
I know I'm dedicated to the things I'm passionate about.
It's not about taking the easy route, but it's about finding what I compliment.
Change isn't so bad if it's what's best for everything all around.
(Thanks friends for your words of insight!)
I guess sometimes when I get down and out, I just need to remember these things and to start refocusing my vision.
It's all in our outlook on life, we are going to either set up ourselves for failure or we're going to set up ourselves for success, and well, I already told you guys I hate to fail.
So, on to new visions! 

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  1. Chipolte = the bandaid for life :)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better about things!! I totally understand where you're coming from and often have the same freak outs!!


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