Dear Saturday

Dear Saturday,
I am so excited you came to visit me again. I waited patiently all week for you to come and am so happy that you are finally here. Thank you for allowing me to sleep in and eat breakfast at any given hour of the day &  for giving me the peace of mind to not feel guilty about it. Thank you also for allowing me to sit and watch a few hours of Netflix for no given reason as well as having the whole day to decide what I want to actually do with my day; I really appreciate it. I promise I will not let you go to waste and if you are willing, please feel free to last longer!
Your friend,

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  1. Amen! I woke up today and realized I have absolutely NOTHING to do today-which I'm actually psyched about. Already went thrifting! Now tucked back in bed watching Hulu :) We need to chat soon!

  2. Anonymous4/21/2012

    I think we have the same couch! lol


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