The Essence of Leadership

Tonight we went down to Ohio Christian to attend their Leadership Forum.
Not only did we get a chance to hear John Maxwell speak, but we also got a chance to hear Tim Tebow speak. I really enjoyed listening to both and I won't lie, there was a little girl side of me that was stoked to see Tebow in real life. {Hey now, I'm no bandwagon fan, I've loved Tebow since the Gators!}
I really appreciate Tim Tebow and the fact that he is so strong in his faith and what he believes. He's so passionate in what he does but it's neat because he doesn't let it go to his head. I truly feel like he's a guy you could sit down with and talk about this awesome life and our wonderful God. I also feel like he is authentically humble and it's refreshing to see someone so much in the spotlight yet so distant from the egoism that most get from the spotlight. 
I also always love hearing from John Maxwell. He truly knows and understands leadership and I always feel like I walk away with some good thoughts to think and ponder upon. My favorite thing I took away from tonight is when Maxwell talked about how leadership is not something that we stay stationary in; starting in a leadership position is a great place to start, but it is not a great place to stay. If we want to be an effective leader, we need to keep growing and expanding; this includes: being relational with those we surround, being able to produce results, being able to develop those we lead, and being able to respect those we surround. 
Bottom line, when it comes down to it, we need to know how to invest in people's lives and continuously finding the momentum and passion to lead effectively.
Tebow made a good point on this when he talked about always bringing passion and momentum to each game and each practice. He admitted this wasn't something he always felt like doing, but he said sometimes the best thing to do is faking your momentum to encourage and motivate those you surround; and in return, because of their triggered enthusiasm, you will find your own momentum and enthusiasm.
All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good night with a lot of good things to think upon.

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