Overcoming Bad Habits

So this week I have made a bet with D that I would wake up every morning along with him and the pups and not allow myself to sleep in to all hours of the morning.
See, D gets up every morning with the pups around 630-645 on a typical morning. I love him for it because it gives me those few extra wonderful minutes to sleep, but I also hate it because I start getting lazy. Lately, I've been sleeping to the last possible minute and then some and missing out on things I'm loving, like the view above or my lovely morning runs. I miss those extra few minutes with D in the morning and I miss a few minutes alone with God. 
So this week, I'm attempting to break my habit. I feel if I can change a week, I am heading in the right direction to changing my lifestyle. I'm tired of feeling sluggish and lazy and I'm tired of the constant disguist with my physical health. I just want to be out running again; to be at the place where I can run 10 miles at a time and feel nothing. I just want to stop feeling so rushed and the "hurry to get nowhere" mentality that I've put upon myself. I want to feel that peace that comes with meditation and I want to feel again like I'm starting my day off on the right foot.
So friends, here's to change and a positive outcome!
 Thoughts become Actions, Actions create Habits, and Habits build Character,”

So with all this in mind,
What are you looking to change?
What are some different things you're looking to do in relation to your current lifestyle?
I'd love to hear!

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  1. Mine is similar but the opposite time of day...I have to go to bed earlier, so I have the energy the next day to do all of the things you mentioned and feel refreshed when I wake up instead of exhausted. Lol!! I totally feel you on this one! good luck!

  2. Mornings ruin my life, ruin them. However, your sentence "I miss a few minutes alone with God" stole my breath. stole it.


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