Yet another Update

If you're my friend on Facebook then you've probably already seen this but I figured it's something that needed updated on the little blog as well.
As of a couple months ago, I have changed my Master's degree concentration once again. If you recall, I had been going for Forensic Psychology back in December (see this post).However, when it came down to it, I just really don't like online classes. Believe me guys, I really tried to persevere through it, but man, I am just a people person through and through. I was struggling big time; I knew I needed to go back, I knew I wanted to go back, but I was really starting to doubt the career I was pursuing and what I would do after I finished. I really do love everything about Psychology- I love reading people and I love analyzing behavior- but realistically, I am not in a Psychology focused career. To complete my degree means I would have to somehow find experience to get a job and most places will not hire without experience. It's just a ridiculous cycle really. So does that mean going back to school was a mistake? No, I really don't think so. I'm actually really glad I decided to go back to school. I think it truly confirmed once and for all that if I am going to complete my degree I need to do it onsite and I need to focus on the things I'm doing currently. I also realized I needed to set goals for what I see my self doing in the future. So with that in mind, I am happy to let you know that I am currently going to school for Marketing & Communication and I couldn't be more excited! I found a program where I can take all my classes onsite and I only have to go to class one night a week. Not only does this fit my schedule but I really feel this will fit my personality as well. It's funny because my degree is in Psychology but what better to go into than the world of business where Marketing is the psychology of how people think and buy? Plus, this program is only 16 months long and I'm done- Score!
I don't know why I ever thought I would start my Master's and only have one area of interest. Pleaseeeee. When I was going for my undergrad I changed my major at least three different times! I guess that's just who I am. Maybe I am a little on the flaky side but I know when I find that thing I'm passion about, I'm fully on board and committed. So thanks Jillian for helping me make this decision. Thank you Angela for helping mentor me through this whole transition and beyond this transition. Thank you D for your patience. Thank you Mom for your support. And Thank you Dad for this piece of advice you gave me when I was trying to decide if switching my major would be a good decision: "You are going for something that's you're hobby, but why aren't you going for the thing you're passionate about and that I know you can do and will do well?"
So now, let's do this.
On to new & exciting adventures!

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  1. I LOVE YOU!! You will do great, and I think this really suits you. I tell Doug all the time that even if he doesn't end up doing counseling (he better after all that work) haha that he would be able to do the psych stuff with whatever he DOES do. Amen to that Heidi, you are an inspiration. Not flaky. FUN! I love you. SEE YOU SATURDAY!


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