One of the many reasons I'm not super awesome


Shirt - AE // Vest - Maurices // Pants - Thrifted // Shoes - Nine & Co // Jewelry -  (bracelet)Target, (rings) H&M

Guys I'm really clumsy. 
Like it's slightly embarrassing how clumsy I am.

I was never allowed to drink from a glass at my friend Kara's house because I would always break her family's cups. Yeah, I was the friend who always used the plastic cups. 
I even one time destroyed my computer's keyboard because I knocked over my bamboo plant and water hit the computer right in the wrong spot.
My chances of surviving wearing heels are about 50/50- 50 times out of 100 I fall, the other 50 I wobble around praying I don't fall.I can't even attempt to try to act cool in heels because I usually end up falling over my own two left feet.
Even yesterday, I spilled stuff on me five different times...FIVE! Who does that? {& of course most of these times were in public, so as I tried wiping food/drink off my clothes, I look like I peed myself or like I don't know how to properly eat and drink...five different times... I really didn't pee myself... I swear!}
& then today. Today I knocked over my tea onto my power outlet. Now that's a terrible accident waiting to happen.
Now you know why I never became a ballerina.
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Speaking of heels though, check out these bad boys I'm wearing today.
Oh, don't you worry, I've already tripped in them lots but I couldn't help but buy them, they were only $11! 
Woot Woot.
{I insisted to D that I in fact DID need them.}

Have a Happy Thursday friends-
I'd love to hear your clumsy stories so please share!
It's nice to know I'm not alone.

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  1. Oh my. I have to sit down to put shoes on and regularly end up with bumps and bruises from the silliest things. I had a huge bruise on my leg that lasted for a month, courtesy of a grocery cart. Seriously?! Multiple injuries from hitting myself with a car door.. For a long time I thought that I would grow out of it, but I think it's actually gotten worse with time. It's a wonder I'm still alive.

    Oh, and I have 1 shirt that I have spilled on every time I've worn it. Every. Single. Time.

    1. Oh that's hilarious! I hit my head the other day trying to open my door!

  2. Those are SERIOUS heels...I love them.

    I had OCD about plastic cups and would not drink from them when I was a little kid.

  3. hahaha oh my goodness you crack me up!
    I do love those shoes tho :)
    I get pretty clumsy too...but not when I wear heals...It's when I wear flat shoes that I trip more for some reason-It may be because I focus more and it helps me stand straighter when I wear heals haha

  4. Bahaha! I feel your pain, for my wedding my mother sewed me a HUGE bib to wear while eating because I am so prone to knocking things over or spilling stuff haha Love the heels!


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