Hi, I'm H & I'm a Caffeine Addict

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Remember when black & white with red/pink was cool?
I do and I still think it's pretty rad.
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So I've been trying to cut back on my caffeine this week.
I've been getting to a not so good place where I'm yet again addicted to having my caffeine daily and I've been consuming way too much sugar along with that caffeine.
{but what can I say, I love my hot tea with cream & sugar- YUM}
It's bad, but I've sincerely tried 3 other times to quit.
So D & I went to Teavana over the weekend and I'm trying some loose leaf teas.
They are better for you & they are half the amount of caffeine.
It's not a super easy transition and I've been pretty sleepy and a little cranky,
But it's still a pretty good mix {chai oolong/vanilla} and I've been substituting a little honey instead of sugar which is making me feel much better and I haven't had the sugar crash during the day.
(so far, so good!)
...now to just make it through the week!

What are some of your worst habits that you have a hard time quitting? 

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  1. my worst habit trying to quit is caffeine, for sure!! I am slowly but surely trying to tackle it. actually, it's definitely mountain dew the most, which is HORRIBLE for you all around :/ I successfully didn't have it for about 2 years until Kara offered me one and I have been hooked ever since! haha also- I had a bad habit of thinking that people think the worst about me HA sounds weird, but I just always feel insecure about it, so I am trying to tackle those toxic thoughts with a devo I found.

    oh, and chocolate. but, let's be real, I will never give it up. :)

    1. I totally feel you about thinking that people see the worst in me! I think it's part of our personality- we're people pleasers and we feel bad if people don't see the person we really know we are. I definitely deal with that A LOT. Just FYI- I think you're wonderful and so much fun!

      & as for chocolate, well that would just be wrong- haha.

    2. yes, SO our personalities! thanks girl, I think YOU'RE wonderful too :)

      and yeah, seriously. will not give up the chocolate!

  2. I just watched True Life: I'm Addicted to Caffeine the other day and I cannot believe how much caffeine those people drank. Over 30 energy drinks a day?? CRAZY.

    If I have one cup of coffee in the morning, I'm good for the day. Usually!

    I quit smoking cold turkey a few years ago. I was a mega bitch for a while, but I'm glad I stopped. Cigarettes are an average of $10 a pack in New York State now.

    1. Sheesh $10? That's ridiculous!

      And as for 30 energy drinks...well, that makes me feel a whole lot better about myself- haha!

  3. I've tried to quit Caffeine for uhm.. I wanna say 14 years now. I am a failure.

    But that drag in the day.. where you just need it.. uh I would love to not know that feeling.. lately I've been thinking about quitting.. lets hug it out and do it together.

    1. Ugh girl I feel you! I posted this yesterday...then bought an iced coffee today at Starbucks...I think I need a hug- bahahaha


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