What to do on one's day off

So guys, I kind of didn't remember to mention the fact that I knew today would be a better day because D and I took the day off!
{& this may also explain my optimistic attitude}

So here's a little list of things one should do when they have a beautiful day off from work:
1. Sleep in late
{D tried to wake me up early this morning, but I totally ignored him}
2. Watch your pups dog fight in the yard while you soak up some sun.
3. Go on a rollerblading/running adventure with your sexy husband and pup children.
4. Eat homemade pizza bagels.
5. Go climbing.
{First rope burn- yeahhhh boy. Thanks hubby for playing doctor}
6. Enjoy the awesome day!

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1 comment:

  1. this looks so amazing! Glad you guys took a day off :) looks like you had a great time with each other!


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