I'm a jerk.

Shirt - Walmart {$1} // Tank - Thrifted // Dress as a Skirt.Belt - F21 //
Shoes.Watch - Target // Sunglasses - TJ Maxx

Can I admit something?
I hate filling up my gas tank and I avoid anything else related to car repair, including putting power steering fluid in my car when my power steering is going out.
I don't know why I work so hard to avoid those things, I just do.
I will literally run my car to empty before I'll fill it back up {obviously I only fill it up because I really have no other choice unless I feel like hitchhiking to work}.
Usually I will just avoid these problems until my husband gets fed up and ends up fixing for me.
That totally happen today and that totally made him angry. 
Yes, I know I am a jerk & yes I know, I suck at being that good kind of wife. 
                Good Wife = 0                Bad Wife =2 {x infinity}
But karma had it's way today and after I avoided fixing my car and after my husband went out of his way to fix my car, I ended up locking myself out of my car.
So today's lesson folks is be a good wife, just put your own power steering fluid in your car and fill your car up with gas when it needs it!
If you learn these simple steps, you will already be a hundred years ahead of me.
{Thanks D for being a champ}

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  1. oh karma... sometimes, not so fun...

  2. stuart always takes care of my car too haha i've only filled it once since ive had it :x bahaha
    ne wayyy i love ur outfit :D

    1. Haha great minds think alike! & thank you, I liked how bright the outfit was :)

  3. Cars. I hate them.

    Gas? Makes me want to cry.

    Car problems? I cry every time.

    WIfe? I'm not one yet, but I'll try to not be a jerk.


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