One of the many times I have helped a stray.

So this photo...I kind of liked it but I do admit it is a tad bit creepy with my face at the end.
Oh well.

Today has been a whirlwind of events. It was one of those days that started off on the wrong foot, got better, then just got weird. Needless to say I spent the afternoon helping a friend rescue a dog out of a hot shed because some nasty neighbors put the dog there when they couldn't get the stray to stay in its yard. 
When my friend and I saw all this happening, we may have stood looking shocked at each other for quite a few minutes until we decided that was just not going to fly with us.
Frankly, I feel a tad bit like a hero or perhaps a dog kidnapper who kidnaps in the name of justice and all that is good. 
I wish everyday could be this exciting.
But unfortunately, its that time of the day when a homework group project is calling my name and I will be confined to hours of research and presentation. 
This part my friends is not quite as exciting as being a dog hero but at least it will one day provide a degree.

Stay Cool.
{literally, it's so hot out there}

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  1. That's so cruel :( I hate that people do such awful things. Lucky you and your friends were around to rescue it :)

    1. I know, I was so angry that someone could rationally think that was okay!

  2. YEA YOU!!!! Thank you for rescuing this puppy...animal cruelty makes me so very sick. You and your friend ROCK!!!

    1. Thanks, I totally agree!

  3. I wish every day could be this exciting... go you little hero of the day, go you.

    1. Thanks pretty lady-- I do to minus dogs being locked in hot sheds :)


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