"Twitter"fy Me

Shirt - Thrifted // Vest - Sarah Jessica Parker // Skirt.Shoes.Watch - Target

I first want to start of this point by pointing out that the coffee pot behind me was not my coffee in the background, it's D's coffee.
{Oh man, I really sound like an addict...but seriously, it's not...I swear!}

So today I became tech savvy...not really, I finally just caved and got a Twitter account.
I thought it's kind of funny that I am a Marketing & Communications major but don't really know the first thing about most social media sites outside of Blogger, Pinterest, and Facebook.
I know, I'm kind of lame and really behind on the times, but Twitter just kind of freaks me out!
I asked this on Facebook, but I'll ask again for all my blogger friends, if anyone has any advice about how to use Twitter, send it my way! 
I did figure out finally what a hash-tag was so I'm feeling awfully proud.

Follow along - {@TheHopewellClan}

PS, does this blog post make me sound old because I feel old. 

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  1. Twitter kind of intimidates me! And I'm in my very early 20's so it definitely doesn't make you sound old! :)

    1. Oh it is so intimidating! I'm still trying to figure it out!!

  2. Oh laws, I tried Twitter, all I got was porn stars.. as followers sooooooooo. Good luck!

    1. Oh and P.S. I'm totally addicted to caffeine. In france they have a study out saying that there are traces of alcohol in Pepsi & Coke.. So suddenly soda make more sense to me.

    2. haha no porn stars so far-- maybe someday! & as for Pepsi & Coke, totally makes sense why when I start talking my husband chugs a few down ;)


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