Today I'm down at Hocking College doing some work related business and if you notice my picture, yes I am totally taking creepy secretive shots. 
It's just how I roll; I'm just...awkward.
One thing I've realized since I've starting blogging is just how random and awkward I am.
I mean seriously, does anyone out there understand half of what I say?!
I don't even make sense when I talk so I'm sure that I don't make sense 50% of the time on here, but that's why I love all you dear readers. For some reason you enjoy my awkward random self and I really do appreciate you all tuning in from time to time. 
You guys are so rad!
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On another note, here's a little look into just how ridiculous I am and my stupidity in which I like to term it as My Life.
So 2 weeks ago I ordered books for my class which started last week. For 2 weeks I have been patiently waiting for these said books to surface here in Columbus and alas, they have not. 
On Tuesday, I finally decided it was time to figure out the case of the missing books and started to do some research.
Come to find out I shipped them clear across to Florida....not Ohio.
::Oy Vey::
Luckily my kind mother found them and is currently overnight shipping them to me and I will hopefully get these books sometime today or tomorrow.
Seriously though, 2 classes in and still bookless-
Only I would somehow ship books to Florida.
...Sometimes I wonder how I get myself stuck in these crazy shenanigans.

Oh Well.
This isn't the first time I did something ridiculous and I'm sure it won't be the last.

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  1. haaa I woulda done the exact same thing! Evidence we're related!

  2. Since I started blogging, I take the most awkward photos of myself. It's insane. Love yours though :-)

  3. LOL Blonde moment! I have A LOT of those!

  4. I am the most random person I know.

    you can be second in line if you want.

    but I don't think you're random.



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