Communal Living

Sorry to alarm everyone yesterday with my new roommate comment.
No, I do not have another dog & no, no baby making here.
Just a new friend. 
Everyone, meet Jake:

Jake will be living with us for a bit. He is one of D's friends from D's IWU years and Jake plays in a band, it's pretty rad {Year of the Buffalo}. Jake has also become BFF with Tank which Tank loves, and overall I'm glad we have someone else living with us again.

When I look back on things, I truly believe buying a house was one of the best decisions D and I ever made. Some people think it's crazy that we bought a house specifically to have people live with us {especially in our first years of marriage}, but hey, D and I aren't really the conventional type. 
 I wholeheartedly believe that God gave us this home to serve as our ministry, to be there for friends and family whenever they needed it. To be a safe haven for some and to be a support for others. I mean, how else can you explain being able to purchase a $140K home for less than $90K? 
Definitely a God thing.
& It's totally understandable that not everyone can do community living; believe me, I know it's not for everyone and that is totally okay! 
I think God gives us different strengths and different gifts based on who we are and the areas in our life where we are most passionate. 
I just really love people. 
There's so much you can learn from the people you surround yourself with and there is a constant growth that comes with communal living. I love hearing where people are at in their lives and I love to see where they are going. I love being a part of their adventure and I love the different elements each person can bring to the table. 
Believe me, it's not always the easiest-- there is a constant means of dying to self that one must learn in order to truly learn servant hood and hospitality. There's also areas that are sacrificed when it comes to living in community, such as privacy and space. Sometimes it can be tough and sometimes emotions can flare, but overall, I wouldn't change a thing about anyone who has lived life with me. The biggest thing I've learned through sharing my home, my time, and my space is that it simply isn't mine. Everything I have is God's and each aspect of it I give for Him to use. 
So who cares if my space is not always spacious and my time isn't my own,
If God can use me and mold me...if he can teach me to be a blessing and an example...If he can bring only love and kindness into my heart for others....and if he can teach me how to be a servant....
Friends, it is all worth it. 
Every single bit.

So welcome Jake,
We are so happy to have you!

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  1. You guys are awesome! I have much respect because I am one of those people that couldn't do this! Thankful that you are using your strengths :)


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