Quick Memo to Friday


Jacket - H&M // Shirt - F21 // Pants. Sunglasses - TJ Maxx // Shoes- Nine & Co. // Watch - Target
Dear Friday,
I could probably write you a whole long letter about all the many ridiculously things that have gone on this week. I could probably also send this letter out to D thanking him for being awesome. I could even send a letter to Tank thanking him for making my life so much more crazier with his antics such as spreading salt all over the house or jacking himself up on hot chocolate packets that he some how came across. Or I could send this letter thanking the weekend for getting here some quickly or add in how excited I am that I get to see my in-laws tonight. I might even add in some detail about some crazy good things happening in my life right now, but you know, I'm just simple going to say thank you Friday for getting here. I look forward to spending the day with you.


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  1. Swiss Miss hot chocolate is my favvvvorite!

    Have a great weekend :)

    1. Me too, but I sure don't like sharing it with the pups.

  2. you look lovely!

    have a great Sunday! drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hi!


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