...Say What?

Shirt.Pants -Thrifted // Vest - Bitten // Shoes - Target // Watch - D's {the chewed up one}

Oh me oh my. What a day...What a week. I have a bunch of thoughts running through my head and not enough places to put them. Here's a little recap of my life lately: 

+ The dogs are at it again, rampaging through the house destroying everything in sight. Good bye Chronicles of Narnia, you were such a good book! & Good bye most of the length of D's leather watch. It's a shame that now I will be the only one able to wear it thanks to the two inches Sky chewed off the wristband [D was not very happy about that one]. I don't know what's gotten into them, but we have taking all sorts of necessary precautions out to avoid any future damage... and yeah, that still hasn't been working. I even tried putting them back into their caged in area in our foyer... doesn't work. Those pups, they are masterminds I tell you. They are some top notch escape artist. 
Oh those two...
+ I am up to the wazoo in work. I have been oh so busy for far too long. It's insane really. I have at least 5-6 different projects over these next few days and boy does my mind feel extremely full. And friends, thanks not even including my homework still do and numerous other side projects. On the plus side, I finish one project tonight [Only a thousand more to go!].
+ I've been having a super clumsy last few days...nothing really new about that. Just thought you should all know. Today's clumsiness included dropping coffee all over my desk calendar. So awesome.
+ I've been training for my upcoming marathon and it makes me so tired. I did about 18 miles this weekend and need to run sometime this week in between my next long run and last weekend and I just can't. Physically I just want to stay in bed, oh, for forever! All this running just makes me want to sleep all day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a successful run day!
+ I double booked myself today between work and school. Awesome. For that problem right there, I still don't know what I'm going to do. Hopefully it will somehow work itself out...?
+ My husband is even busier than I am. So busy that he comes home and I get the privileged of watching him sleep...and that's the end of our present relationship... But seriously, that boys works so hard and I appreciate everything he does not only for me but everyone he surrounds himself with on a daily basis. 
As of about 5 minutes ago, I just found out  D just turned in his last assignment for his Master's program- my man is going to have his Master's degree! 
D, I am so very proud of you! I know how hard you've worked and it's so awesome that you will finally with have the degree to back up everything you've put your time and effort into these last two years. I don't think I could be any prouder of you than I am right now. 
 Now stop being so busy so you can come home and celebrate! 

Ha, sorry, I told you this post would be jumble...just like my brain.
Happy Thursday Friends!

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  1. Seriously? Nothing about me??

    You need a jake mention everyday because I play such a huge role in your life now!!

    1. Well seeing as I didn't know you actually read this blog.... Now friend, now you will be in every.single.post.

  2. I'm exhausted and out of breath just reading that you ran 18 miles. I feel like I can take over the world if I make it through just 1 mile! My record is 2 miles. Not sure if I can do that again. So major props to you!


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