This Weekend I...

+ Got my hair did at Lucky 13 Salon. It's this rad little Indie hair salon down in Clintonville and I'm in love! I've been so sad because my favorite hairdresser now lives in Florida and just had a baby, so she's not making as many hair trips up to Ohio these days. The hair was getting too long for my liking and my friend Kristen recommend Jenn at Lucky 13. Now I'm one of those people who gets super nervous about trying new hair stylist; I've had one too many bad experiences under the sheers so going into somewhere unfamiliar totally freaked me out. I also have SUPER thick hair and that tends to make most stylist shutter. I walked into the salon though and totally felt right at home. The whole atmosphere was trendy, laid back, and fun. Jenn, was goofy and easy going and it totally made me feel at ease; and get this, even though my hair is so thick, she still got it cut in record time- Hollar!

+ The family and some friends went Kayak/Canoeing on Saturday. Seriously, these are some of my favorite moments being out on the water with fun  people and it's so relaxing! We floated, we rocked the Frisbee  we fell in the water. It was great.

+ D had his volleyball girls come over and we spent the day eating, building paper airplanes, tossing them out our kitchen window, and playing Apples to Apples. I love those girls so much! Jake also decided that he was going to make the girls cookies with my assistance and they ended up being green and delicious [don't ask]. 

Great Weekend. Great People. Great Fun.
Can we do it all again?!

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  1. love the cut, pretty :)

  2. LOVE the hair! what a fun weekend! Cheers to another one soon, right?!
    Haha Enjoy the rest of your week!


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