Tuesdays with Jake

So as you recall, my roommate is obviously the most important person in my life right now [is there possibly an undertone of sarcasm in my voice?...perhaps...], and with that in mind, we will now be running a series called Tuesdays with Jake just so you can learn all the wonderful things about our roommate and newest member of our family.
[You know, it's kind of like the book Tuesdays with Morrie- Profound and Insightful]
  • Jake is a master at both the Razor Scooter and the Pogo Stick. His parents believed a skateboard to be too extreme for him and instead they purchased him other forms of entertainment. If they only knew the damage these items would bring; I believe I recall jake telling us about doing ramps with his Razor Scooter and breaking ceiling tiles in his dorm hallways and something about smashing his head through one of the ceiling tiles... [Oh don't you worry, we will be videotaping these activities and these will be getting posted to this blog]
  • Jake is Hungarian and sometimes speaks in his native tongue...not really, but I like to pretend he does when he stops making any sense.
  • Jake also loves doughnuts. In fact, we will now be having doughnuts every Sunday morning. Good things come when this guy lives in your house. 
  • Jake also wanted me to let you all know that he is Tall [6'4"] Dark [I think more of a beige] and Handsome [I'll let you be the judge of that one]...He is also poor, but 20 something isn't? Don't worry ladies, one day he'll make the big bucks as a musician...one day....
  • For being a musician, Jake really does not like playing in front of crowds. [especially if that crowd includes a bunch of cute girls]...what can I say, he may be a tad shy...
  • Speaking of music, Jake has a new music video coming out at midnight tonight, Hooray! I've actually got to see the music video and it is rad...that's one perk of being friend roommates with a musician...you get to see sneak peeks of awesome material [be sure to tune in tomorrow to see it].
Happy Tuesday Friends!

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  1. Haha! This is like a profile for a dating site to hook him up with someone....you never know who you will meet through blogs! haha


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