It's Fall!

I use to be a Summer baby through and through. It was the season I most looked forward, but now, that I live up north, Fall has quickly taken over my heart.
I'm excited for:
+ Pretty Colored Leaves
+ The abundance of the Pumpkin Spice Latte
+ Cold Nights
+ Layers {typical girl response}, but seriously, I want to wear a sweater without sweating to death!
+A chance to wear mustard yellow, deep purple, and olive greens.
+ The wearing of sweats and hoodies and all things baggy, warm, and comfortable related.
+ Halloween, it's my favorite holiday! [plus I love scary movies]
+ Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Nights...not necessarily fall related but for some reason it always taste better on a cold night.
+ Boots.
+ Camping [please D!].
 + My Birthday
+ Bonfires
+ D's massive fall beard
+ Fall time running, it's my favorite!
+ Thanksgiving - We all need little reminders just to show how lucky we all are.
Oh Fall,
Thank you for coming once again.
Please feel free to stay all year long!

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  1. Yes! And, I adoreeee halloween!

  2. Amen! I totally get the soup and grilled cheese thing, I just stocked up on it yesterday! And I pretty much live everything else on this list as well, minus your hubbies beard...that would just be weird LOL

    1. Haha glad you got to enjoy some yumminess. I'm sure I'll indulge in some of that this weekend!

  3. That picture is so crisp. Just like I hope the autumn air will be soon. :) It's been like 90+ degrees in Texas the past two days.


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