Lousy Day...

Well Folks, 
Last night I didn't sleep very well, Sky decided to sleep in between my legs and Tank was up all hours of the night. It's rainy out, I've been up since way too early, and I had a major work fail this morning. Thanks to the rain, I'm cold and soaked. I also am hungry and I have not had nearly enough coffee in my system.
Today is just Lousy.
And ya know,
That's perfectly okay. 
Things aren't always perfect and days aren't always beautiful. 
Moments are not always the best and sometimes coffee will just not fix things.
So friends,
Here's to tomorrow and here's to some sunshiny weather 
It'll all get better, right?
*fingers crossed*

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  1. My best friend and I always say *fingers crossed* so whenever someone else uses the phrase I usually cringe, but I'm making an exception for you..

    What a positive outlook you have..

    1. Thank you, I appreciate this ;)

  2. yes, here's to tomorrow!!


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