Young & Free

I think right now at this point of my life, I feel this struggle between the freedom I feel as an adolescence and the constraint I feel as an adult; one provides a sense of self and the other feels like this initial need to grow and take a sense of responsibility. Not saying in any sense that one is more right over the other, I just feel life starts looking a whole lot different the older and life changes by the  commitments we make. Frankly, I find it rather intimidating and sometimes I just long for the more simplistic elements of this life. To feel complete with nothing and to enjoy everything.  I saw this video on Sincerely, Kinsey {one of my all time favorite blogs} and there was just something about this video that just made me nostalgic, almost like this video alone was speaking to my soul.
Oh to be young and to live wild & free...
I think this is all I really want from life.

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  1. Oh gosh, if only life could always be this simple and free! What a gorgeous video!!
    xo TJ

    1. Seriously! I would love it :)


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