Today's Run

Today I went out on a quick run before work to stretch out my legs from this weekend's 20 miler.
Being outside today made me so excited for the fall and the all the wonderfulness that fall brings.
The leaves were starting to change, the weather was cool and crisp, and it was just so extremely peaceful. It was a perfect morning to run. 
It's moments like these that make me appreciate Ohio.
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Sometimes too, I just run to get away and clear my head.
I've had a lot going on lately and so many things I'm trying to think through.
It's hard to feel sane and process in the chaos that lately has been called my life.
I feel like there's some big decisions I will need to make that lie just around the corner and I want to make sure I'm taking time to listen to what my heart says and to what God says. I want to make sure I am doing what is right for me and for my life.
Each step I take during these runs gets me one step closer to making these decisions.

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