Hello to you Monday!

Dress - Target // Button Down - Thrifted // Belt - F21 // Boots - Wet Seal 

After a super relaxing weekend, 
I am finally ready to embrace that dreaded day we call Monday. 
Though, I might add, the day hasn't started off too shabby.
I slept in, hung out with the pups, moved Jake's car and got a sneak peak of The Year of the Buffalo's new CD [thank you Jake for leaving it in your CD player], got in my own car to go to work and saw that my husband had surprised me by refilling my gas tank, ate a delicious breakfast of Greek yogurts, fresh strawberries, and sliced almonds, and I got a chance to watch the new episode of Once Upon a Time
Such a good day!
I hope the rest of the week ends up being equally as awesome.
Happy Monday Friends!

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  1. :) sounds like a not-too-shabby monday!!

    1. It was pretty fab...well...for the most part! :)


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