there's just something about early mornings...

This morning was an early one, 
It started at 6 AM.
You know it's way too early when even your dogs don't feel like getting up.
Yep, they just rolled back over and fell back asleep.
Early mornings like today remind me of my days at Starbucks and getting up before even the crack of dawn. You know, it's that time of the morning where the suns not out yet and there are few cars on the road. 
Shoot. There were days I was getting up as early as 330 AM!
Now let me tell you, I am by no means a morning person.
But I do fake a good morning person...
though, it does border drunken-likeness and goofiness.
[just fill me  up on caffeine and I'm good to go]
So so early.
But in a way I love it.
I like leaving my house in all it's quietness and peacefulness.
I love pulling out of my driveway and the houses around me are still and sleepy.
The lull of my car driving along the road.
The darkness.
The appreciation for a good cup of coffee on a cold morning.
And there's just something I love about joining all the other cars as we move at the same rhythmic motion as we head towards our same general destination...the work day.
I have been fortunate enough to never have to battle rush hour and if I did, I would probably hate this hour...these mornings...
But today, I appreciated this time, this chance to tranquility..
even if it was way too early.
I'm sure I see a nap in my near future...

Happy Friday Friends!

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