what a weekend...

+ 80's Skate Night with the Family
+  J. Gumbo's goodness with Chadwick & Nicole [the Bumblebee Stew is to die for, yum!]
+ Football watching...one of the few times I actually watch during the year--> When the Dolphins play 
+ Fall pretties...love this season so much.
+ Northstar Cafe deliciousness...we ended up scoring some free meals.
+ Shopping with my sidekick [aka Jake]; we found some sweet deals at both H&M and Target, hooray!
+ Working a Gospel Concert for work...just call me an expert on both food & retail service.
+ Chinese night...enough said.
Loved, loved, loved this weekend!

And now, well, I'm  taking a day off work. 
Today involves a long run, some much needed laziness, and some girly movie/show watching which may include Clueless and Gossip Girl but I will not openly admit that if D & Jake are tuning in.
Here's to an awesome do-nothing-major sort of day:

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  1. That chili looks amazing! Man, I'm so pumped that it's finally fall. Is there a possible recipe that goes along with it?!


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