...but why is it cold in Florida right now?


This week I'm in Sunny Florida for D's volleyball team. 
Because the team won Regionals this year, they had the opportunity to go to Nationals, which is held in the beautiful FL state!

[first women's team to win a regional title - hollar!]
So it's been a whirlwind of events these last 48 hours for me:
Pups-Work- Laundry- Packing- Trips to Chipotle- Airport- Florida- 3.5 Hours of Sleep- Early Morning Game- Homework- More Games- Food- Fun.
It's been a tad crazy up in these parts but I am so pumped to be here supporting the girls, and of course D, and getting a chance to be back to my beautiful home state.
And my parents/grandparents are coming up for the games!
Can my life get any better right now?
I think not.

Well, minus the homework lingering in the background and the work that will be waiting for me when I get back...yuck. 

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  1. I hope you all had a blast!! I love your face Mar!!


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