Some thoughts on voting.


Oh guys,
I don't like politics, 
I really don't.

You see,
I've taken it upon myself this year to learn about the candidates. To really get the facts so I can think for myself. I wanted to be educated this year going into the election,
but can I be honest? 
The more I learned, the more I came to hate politics.
I hate the way that everything becomes us -vs- them.
I hate the division it causes.
I hate the bashing both candidates throw on each other.
I hate the cruelty I've seen on both sides [I'll call these individuals extremist because I really don't believe everyone thinks or acts this way] These individuals will bash on anyone who doesn't share their opinions or think the way they do. They attack and's just not right.
When I see this kind of stuff going on, this is not the America I believe in.
We fought for the right to have freedom of speech, to have the right to choose, to have the right to voice our opinions...why is it then that during the election we can't seem to respect and honor these rights?

When it comes to elections, I just get sickened and disheartened on what I see on both sides.

To be honest,
All of it just doesn't make me want to vote.
I don't want to be a part of the bitterness, the resentment, and the hate I see.
To be honest, 
I had no intention of voting today.
I'm tired of seeing all these candidates promise things I don't think they will fulfill and not living up to their words...and I'm not just meaning this year, it seems to come up in every election.
I started doubting what difference my vote would genuinely make.

So I called my mom.
My mom loves politics.
Every year she joins right alongside the debates; I swear, she puts up a pretty good fight with that television screen.
She reads up and gets the information.
So I told her I was torn, that I didn't know if I even wanted to vote. 
That I wanted to hear her thoughts and her perspective on everything...on both sides and on why I should even vote in the first place.
So she talked me through things, 
And by the time I hung up, I decided I knew what I needed to do.

So today,
I'm going to vote.
I realized I have a choice-- a choice to voice my opinion on what I think is right.
A choice to be a part of our next presidential candidate and to be a part of what I hope will be best for myself and my future-- my children, my job, my education.
My mom pointed out, no matter if you vote or not, you are still making a decision, so why not choose in what you do believe?
I'm not promoting who I'm voting for because well, that's my choice and I'm not here to debate candidates or politics.
I choose today to not be a part of the hatred, but to make my small voice heard in what I believe.
It's my personal  decision and what I deem best for myself.
I'm voting on what I've been educated on and what I know I can honestly stand by.
And I choose not to vote on the things I haven't educated myself on because I don't think that's making a right choice to just vote on a party or a name without the accurate facts.

So I guess what I'm saying is,
Vote today,
But vote because of what you honestly think is best for you and your future.
Stop listening to the propaganda and the bashing.
Get educated and make the choice that feels best for you...not what your spouse, or friends, or parents think, but on what YOU think.
Because, well, when it comes down to it,
We all play a part in this election, whether we like it or not,
and we all have a chance to do what we think is best for our country.
No matter what you decide today, at the very least know that I respect your decision.
And I respect your right to make your voice heard.
And if you choose not to vote today?
Well, I respect that too.

...that is all.

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