If I had 500 Million Dollars...

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Oh man,
With the high lottery amounts from this last Power Ball Lottery who hasn't been dreaming about all the things that they would do if they won all that money?
I know I've been thinking about it.
Is it sad that I would be excited to pay off all my debt from school, credit cards, and house/car loans?
Yeah, I know,
So exciting. 
You know though, when I was talking with D about what we would do if we won, D and I both agreed that we wouldn't want to change the way we live life. We really wouldn't do anything really extravagant or for that matter, do anything different from what we are already doing on a daily basis.
We would still want to live in the same house, I would still want to go thrifting, and we would still drive our same cars. We would both still work. We would still garden. Nothing really would change.
We would still choose to live simply.

Perhaps we would buy a sailboat because that's D's dream purchase. He grew up sailing and has a slight nostalgic inclining to sail again.
And we might do some traveling across America [to own the RV I've always wanted would be a dream]....or even backpack Europe for that matter.
And we would fix up our house with all the many projects we would love to do but can't afford.
And of course we couldn't forget sending some of our winnings to our parents.
Perhaps even, one of the coolest things we could do with that money would be to really have the resources to take care of people...to keep kids from going hungry at night...to take care of the needy...
And, you know, if I'm being perfectly honest here, it would be really nice to not constantly feel a slight worry about making payments on time and not having enough to cover new bills...
But then again, maybe having that money would make me less reliant on God...maybe it would make me less grateful for all the things I DO have....maybe not having that money keeps me humble...

So, yeah, if you haven't guessed by now, we totally didn't win,
But when it comes down to it, I think I'm perfectly okay with not winning.
Ya know?

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