Utter Joy

Yesterday I had an epiphany.
It's kind of funny because it's something that I've been talking a lot about lately, but for some reason it just hit me hard yesterday that I'm not living it.
It's Joy folks.
You know that thing that makes you positive and so unbelievably happy?
The thing that leaves you content...
{oh shoot, that's definitely something I've been lacking}
But yesterday, it just hit me hard. 
And I realized that I haven't allowed joy to consume my life.
I've been working through letting go, giving it to God, trust, faith...but just not joy.
It's just bitter, little H the Scrooge...the Grinch...Ya liking all my Christmas metaphors? 
I'm learning, I'm growing, but I'm not happy.
And yesterday I just realized, I just want to be happy again.
So my New Year's Resolution?
[wow, too soon?]
Well folks, it's still a little foggy to most of you, but I'm going to be making some BIG changes. 
Perhaps some scary changes, but GOOD changes.
Getting some things prioritized, and choosing happiness over bitterness.
I'm excited to share, but really it's all in good time.
So today, I choose to be happy, and I'm not letting anyone steal my joy.
I'm trusting and with that, I'm living off faith and being HAPPY about it...even if my joy means I end up in places I didn't think I would be, well, so be it. 
Everything happens for a reason, right?

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