Today I am joyful....

Today I've remember just how good and how wonderful people really are:
Ones that take time out of their busy day to sit and chat.
Ones who give me pictures with sweet words written on the back.
Ones who bring joy and laughter into my life.
Ones who are just incredible and make life just one bit sweeter.

Today I remember the good in Ohio:
The weather has been incredible.
The drive to work was beautiful.
It was just such a perfect day.

Today I am happy:
Lately these days it feels like these moments come far fewer and in between. But today, I've felt contentment and a sense that everything will be okay.
I have a husband who loves me, pups that adore me, and friends who are always there for me.
I'm blessed, something I need to remember. No matter the day, no matter the stress, no matter the heartache, I am very blessed.

Today I am content:
Maybe it's because today is my Friday.
Maybe it's because I get to see one of my besties this weekend.
Maybe because it's a short work day for me.
Maybe it's because I have the weekend filled with a lot of fun races.
I don't know, I just feel peace, happiness...contentment.

Today I just feel like all is right with the world...let's see if these feelings last when I go to my Analytic class tonight [yikes].

Happy Thursday Friends,
I hope your day is just as good as mine!

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  1. lovely post hun! SO glad to be able to visit your b log again!

    Happy Thursday to you too and Take care! :)

    1. Thank you and thank you for stopping by! :)

  2. and also, super duper cute pic :)



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