Tipsy Leopards...wait, what?

Shirt.Skirt.Shoes - Thrifted // Necklace.Belt- F21 // Sunglasses - Target

So this post is mostly just to reflect upon how awesome these shoes are because I know you've already seen this outfit probably thousands of times.

Normally I am not much of an animal print lover, however, I am slowly starting to embrace my inner animal through my clothing, one piece at a time.
And these shoes?
Well they only cost me $2, so how could I not take the lunge?
[D didn't seem as thrilled with my find as I obviously was]
I do have to add though, these shoes are killer to walk in and this morning when I was getting ready for work, I could barely stay steady in these bad boys. 
I was the non-alcoholic tipsy variation of myself
....does that even make sense?
Might be crazy, but for fashion sake, it is all worth it.

As for life,
well it's going and it's just as crazy as always.
But that can wait until tomorrow.


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1 comment:

  1. Whoa whoa, where do you live that you can still be wearing short sleeves! I'm all bundled up in my winter coat already. But I guess maybe it would help if my school turned on the heat.


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