My husband, the Murderer.

Tuesday night was so much fun!
We laughed, we ate, we danced, and we solved a mystery.
Here's how the night went down:

We  were escorted into the first room after getting our "couple photo" taken where we were introduced to our fellow "guests." The first round involved getting to know the other characters and trying to gather clues about the characters. We each were given a card that let us know details about our own charactter and questions we were to ask specific guest.
After taking some time to question the other characters, we broke off and played a random movie trivia game which unfortunately my team came in dead last.
We then broke from this interaction to eat dinner and while we were eating we received our second card that gave us more clues about ourselves and a chance to question more guest.
After dinner, we then played a game where we were each given a dance that we were to choreographed with our partner for the night.
D and I received the salsa & boy, D can sure shake his hips and I sure can't dance.
So funny.
After our dancing fun, our murdered victim was revealed. 
He was stabbed viciously with a...butter knife?
[go figure]
It was then time to receive our final clues and guess who the killer might be.
Long story, short, I discovered on Tuesday night that my husband was a murderer who ends up getting to escape without facing any consequences. 
Way to go D.

It was such a great night & I loved getting a chance to solve a mystery!
Thanks Chera for an awesome time :)

As for last night,
It was trick-or-treating in my neck of the woods.
Jake and I were the only ones home so we rocked out the night with costumes and candy.
I also dressed up the pups.
We had a good time.
It was weird.

Can I just say I love Halloween?!

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  1. I LOVE HALLOWEEN TOO. but did nothing for it :( Looks like you had a blast!


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