Thanksgiving in Cinci

So right now I'm suppose to be working on Analytic's homework that's due by Sunday.
Yeah...obviously I'm needing a break.
This Thanksgiving weekend has been amazing so far.

On Wednesday we headed over to Cincinnati to kick off the Thanksgiving extravaganza with D's family. On the way, I decided to do a Thanksgiving 10K with my friend Kara...yeah you read that right, I decided last minute to do a 6.2 miler on Thanksgiving day. [call me crazy]. Needless to say, we ended up taking a slight detour on our way over so that I could pick up and register for the race the next day. That evening, we ended up having a late night dinner with D's family eating yummy soups and breads.

On Thursday I woke up bright and early and headed out for the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race. The morning was absolutely beautiful and the race couldn't have been any prettier [or hillier]. We got to run over three major bridges in the area and crossed into Cincinnati- Kentucky- and ended up back in Cincinnati. After the big run, we can back to breakfast and Thanksgiving prep time. From there we feasted on all types of yumminess and then spend some family time doing skits. D's family is extremely clever and artsy and they are always full of fun and creative ways to past the time. D's Nana is very much into theater and every year we end up acting out scenes from various childhood stories. This year we acted out a scene from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This story is actually the first one I ever did with D's family the very first time I met them all. It was so much fun to reenact the tale and it made me nostalgic reminiscing on my very "first" moments with D.
As for today, well we ended up skipping the Black Friday shenanigans and instead spent the afternoon walking and touring the Mt Adams area near downtown Cincinnati. The day was full of bright blue skies and white full clouds. It was absolutely breathtaking and we enjoyed spending the time with the family and our pups. We then proceeded back to the house where we gorged ourselves on pizza and Wes Anderson flicks. 
Now, it's Analytics time and we're also watching The Way...believe me, the only thing good right now is the movie.
Happy Holiday Weekend, Friends,
 I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!

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