Post Thanksgiving Coma

Shirt.Pants - Thrifted // Boots - Rampage // Watch.Sunglasses - Target

Why do holidays go by so quickly?
I feel like I went into a Turkey Day coma and just now woke up to yet another work week.
The time off was extremely amazing to say the least and I'm a little saddened that it is already gone.
I have gotten into the Christmas mood and that is giving me something to look forward to in order to get me by these next couple of weeks.
I'm so ready to start decorating and getting things together for fun Christmas parties, family time, and D's graduation. 
So much goodness ahead,
December, you can bring it on!

On another note,
Check out the boots above. 
I got them on sale for a mere $10!
In fact, 
That whole outfit above only cost me $13 [minus accessories]. 
I just love finding incredibly cheap bargains.
[I also love finding amazingly soft sweaters that hide my indulgence over the holidays, just saying]

Hope you all had an equally wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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1 comment:

  1. You and your deals.. I found boots for 20 bucks on black friday.. I had to look around for hidden cameras..

    Happy back to reality week! :)


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