A Wonderful Weekend and a Case of the Dreaded Sniffles

This last weekend was absolutely amazing but oh my gosh, it was so stinking busy!

On Friday, I took the day off to celebrate my birthday which included breakfast with my two favorite boys, a thrifting adventure, and getting into the Christmas spirit with some volunteering at my church.
On Saturday, D and I thoroughly cleaned the house, did some much needed shopping, and volunteered again for the event at our church. The event itself was really neat; the church every year tries to host a "Journey to Bethlehem" that basically is a walk through of the Christmas Story with live animals [including a camel!], assorted Bible characters, and even Roman guards on Horseback. It was a lot of fun for young and old alike and it was also a great reminder of what this Holiday season is all about. My favorite part of the event? It would probably be when a little girl looked up at D and his massive beard and asked him if he was the guy from the Christmas Story [I'm guessing she was thinking of Joseph]. I died.
On Sunday, I decorated the house for Christmas and help host a Christmas party for some of my favorite ladies. We had an absolutely blast and I think I ate way too much delicious food. Worth it
All in all, it was a great weekend/birthday weekend and I was saddened that I got a horrible head cold by the end of the night last night and now am trying to conquer the sniffles. I took some NyQuil last night to fight off the sickness and instead, I'm pretty sure I'm now a hot groggy mess.
Oh well.
I'll make it through this week...
I think?

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  1. That looks like amazing fun and makes me wish I lived in town!! Miss all of you girls!!


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