I am having a hair dilemma.
I was so excited today when I could actually put my hair back into a ponytail, but now I'm struggling with whether I should cut my hair or grow it back out.
If I cut it, I would probably stick with something close to my asymmetrical cut.
If I grow it out, I will probably stick with layers.
What's your thoughts?
Any suggestions?
What's your preference, 1 or 2?
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Because Jake *ahem* people have been asking about Tuesdays with Jake,
I've decided to go ahead and do another edition of it.
Here's my favorite new video of Jake
And here's a few new facts about Jake:
  1. Jake has a twin sister named Rachel. I only half way believed it, then I met her...she's real folks. Jake has a legit twin who is pretty fly.
  2. I'm pretty sure Jake would live off junk food if it were possible. Oreos, rice krispy treats, Wendys, Taco Bell, pizza. He lives the ideal bachelor life.
  3. We all have unanimously decided Jake is in fact Dupree off of You, Me, & Dupree. The only difference is, we still love Jake and want him to still live with us. Everything else is about the same...well minus the moose-head but that is something Jake has longed for and will probably own one day if he can thrift it at a reasonable price.
  4. Jake is temporarily jobless. Not in his own fault, Jake is just a victim of downsizing and lay-offs. [I did laugh though once again at the Dupree comparison] So, anyone looking for an awesome guy to hire for their company? Jake's your man.
Happy Tuesday Friends!

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1 comment:

  1. I vote grow it out!

    I feel like Jake would be the most fun roommate ever. Especially if he's just like Dupree.


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