Hello to you, the last day of the world.

Okay, so let's be honest.
This whole last day of the world is kind of an annoying ordeal.
I don't really know if any of us are buying this whole concept and I think the Mayans are rolling in their graves laughing at those of us who are afraid that the world is really ending. 
But it is kind of an interesting thought about how we would spend our last day on earth if in fact we really were ending.

Let's recap my last 24 hours:
+ I slept in a little yesterday morning
+ I hung out with with some of my most favorite people: D & Jake
+ I ate Jimmy Johns for lunch, Chipotle for dinner- always a good meal
+ The family had a How I Met Your Mother mini-marathon
+ We went and got Jake a tattoo
+ We hung out with Matt and ate some nachos

and then the next upcoming 24 hours:
+ I am working from home today, hanging out with my crazy pups & watching the snow fall outside
+ Jake & I are going to Target to do some last minute Christmas shopping...going anywhere with Jake is always an adventure
+At some point I'll probably eat and I hope it will be yummy...hmmm I think I have some leftover Jimmy Johns & Chipotle...yes?
+ D will come home and it will be wonderful
+ & Tonight we are hanging out with Matt again + Lisa this time- hooray!

I'd say our last moments on earth aren't looking too shabby. It's nothing glamorous, but its us and in that thought, its a perfect way to live our last moments...if in fact the world was really ending.

So friends, what are your thoughts?
Doing anything different or out of the ordinary today?

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  1. I want to see his tattoo!

    good luck fighting the Target crowds, you crazy people.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. It was insane!

      I'll have to post Jake's tat sometime soon, it turned out pretty sweet!


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