Some New Things I want for 2013

Dress - Express // Tights - Target // Belt - Thrifted // Necklace - Given by a Friend // Shoes - Chinese Laundry 

I am really excited for this new year. I just feel there are a lot of things I want to change and improve on, and what better way to do it then to start it in 2013!

Here's just a few ideas I'm looking to implement:
+Changing up the old blog format.
+ Starting some new exercise routines...more yoga, more running, maybe some spinning? I don't know but I would love to try some new things and do these exercises more frequently.
+ Creating a healthy eating lifestyle. I don't think that my eating is bad, for the most part, but it could definitely use some more improvement.
+ Home improvements: the house could use some additional TLC. Panting, flooring, wall art, oh Pinterest, bring me some ideas!
+ Dinner Parties: I love hosting events and I would love to have more fun little parties at the house. I would love to have a themed party like a 1920's lawn-party or a old Hollywood party. Fun, right?
+ Giving more thoughts to kids down the line...maybe start looking in what needs to be done for fostering/adoption? I would love to seriously consider these options in the next few years and this next year might be a good chance to start looking. If you have fostered/adopted in the past, any advice would definitely be appreciated!
+ More consistency on the blog: more recipes, more DIY projects, more fun. Thoughts guys? Anything you wish to see more of on Sew Dysfunctional/ Anything new you would love for me to add?
I'm starting slowly now, but i would love to kick this all off for 2013,
and there's more that I'm excited to tell you all about but I'm waiting until the end of the week. [not pregnancy]
Why am I thinking about all this before even Christmas? Who knows, but I'm awfully excited for what is all to come.
Hooray for new years and new opportunities!
I found this dress for $5!

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1 comment:

  1. Great find!!
    I would love to have dinner parties too! The only problem is I don't have any friends here yet.


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