A few of my least favorite things.

Sweater - NY&C // Shirt.Skirt.Tights - Target // Bracelet - H&M // Shoes - Steve Madden via EBay

Things I realized today that I don't like very much:

+ Slow people creating traffic.
+ Semi-Trucks driving around me during traffic.
+ Oh you know, traffic in general.
+When you put on a nicely ironed skirt [yeah, I ironed] and a few hours later it's a hot wrinkled mess [see above].
+ Stumpy legs created from slouchy boots [see above again].
+ Spending hours being read to from a long, boring manual. So long, so boring! Must.Keep.Awake.
+ Having delicious, cold drinks being ruined from achy, miserable brain freezes. Can't help it, the drink was THAT good!
+ Cold weather and loose dogs annoying my dogs make for a challenging run.
+ Salads. But part of my New Year resolutions is eating more of them.
+ When my tea taste like last weeks coffee.
+ When I get a call from a number I don't recognize and they don't leave a message.
+ Having homework loom in front of me that I really don't want to do.
+ When my husband mocks my girly shows. Rude.
+ When my caffeine for the day just doesn't cut it and I'm struggling to stay alive.
+ When I wish that tomorrow would be Friday and it will only be Wednesday.

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1 comment:

  1. I agreed, tomorrow would be better suited as a Friday :) and you should hear the crap I get for watching PLL ha ha so rude.


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