Right now I'm just avoiding homework.

Today's been hectic.
Heck, this whole week has been hectic. 
Right now I just wish I could clone myself to get everything done that I need to within the next 48 hours of my life.
However, might I add that if I did clone myself, I would make my clone self do my homework because I'm just not feeling it right now...or ever.
Note to all you individuals going back for your Masters, just don't.
Or make sure you don't decide to switch jobs and majorly change your life halfway through the program because that's just a really good idea.
Yeah, I'm a genius.
Really though, it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be.
I just hate those last 24 hours left before the homework is due and knowing I need to get to bed early because I have a super long day ahead of me tomorrow.
And let's just be honest, it probably doesn't help any that I'm trying to do homework in my comfy, cozy bed. I rationalized this to D telling him that it will be okay to do my homework in bed because if I do fall asleep up here, well hey, I'm already in bed.
I like to call this a win-win...I also like to call this a ridiculously bad idea.

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  1. Getting back into school it tough, huh?

    I feel like I showed up but left my brain on winter break. I think the first day back I almost shed a tear as I was mourning the loss of sleeping in and movie watching. ugh.

    Now a week back into school and I'm overwhelmed. boo.

    Good luck to you as you balance a new job, school, being a wife and all that good stuff. It's not easy ;)

  2. It was a bad bad bad bad week.

    I'm proud of you none the less for changing your life, you are brave. teach me how.


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