A wintery kind of night


I feel this week has been a whirlwind of events and one roller coaster of a ride. 
I feel like these days I've barely had time to breath let alone do anything productive outside of the necessary things that need to get done.
Right now I'm struggling to find a balance in my life between work, school, and family; these last few weeks have really been pressing on me to find a healthier way to cater to all three areas of my life and to better prioritize things based off what is important.
I've been really loving work; the people are great and the hours are wonderful.
I keep telling myself that I just have to adjust to this newness, then things will get easier; a few months from now I won't feel quite as overwhelmed [I hope] and I'll have a good routine down.
But man, right now it's tough.

However, I've been really grateful for the mile-a-day challenge I've been doing every night for the last month. 31 days down. 11 more months to go.
[you can follow along on Instagram: @hhopewell]
The challenge has encourage me to get out, to spend some time alone walking/running with the pups. To get healthier, to get active.
Sometimes I just need time for me and my overworking brain.
I just need a chance to breath.

I loved tonight.
I got home to a snow covered neighborhood.
Everything was wrapped up in white, from the streets to the houses.
Completely coated... it was peaceful running through the stillness with not a person in sight.
it was cleansing... it was beautiful.
Tonight I feel refreshed,
Ready to take on tomorrow and ready to look forward to a relaxing weekend.

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