I got the Wednesday-Monday blues

This morning I didn't want to get out of bed .
It's hard being so spoiled with having a few weeks off of work and then trying to get back into the swing of things, knowing there are only three days left in the week. 
It's even harder that these are my last few days of my two weeks and by Friday, I will officially be done and heading to my next new job venture.
I tried making list and pretending to have motivation, but it's just not working.
Hopefully a little lunch and caffeine will change my view.
Probably not but luckily I'm down to my last four hours.

Anyone else struggling to go back to work today?
[extra dose of sympathy to those who had to work over the Christmas break]

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  1. yep, i had to work over christmas. the brutal thing is it has felt like i've had 4 mondays in the last 2 weeks. December 24, December 27, December 31, and today. ugh. It's been rough, especially knowing most everyone has been off. Mind you the drive to work has been a breeze.

    1. Yuck, that definitely isn't fun!

  2. I struggle to go to work every day.

    and now you know too much about my mental state.

    1. bahaha it's the worst isn't it?!


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