Busy x's 1000

Me oh my.
What a busy day it's been today. 
I feel that since I've sat down at my desk, I've been going nonstop. 
So many appointments, so many memos, so many phone calls, so many things to do.
And it feels that there is not nearly enough time to do it all!
It's been sweet today, though, too.
I've had students stop by and wish me luck and coworkers wanting to see me off on my last day of work.
It definitely makes me feel loved and that everything I've done here has made some sort of effects on the people I've worked with over this last year.
I loved feeling like I've really done something.
I'm also excited because tonight is family Chipotle night & that my friends is always a good thing.

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  1. You've probably mentioned it before, but where do you work? A school, I'm guessing? And what's the new job?

    I feel bad if you have just mentioned this and I just missed it.

    COngrats on new beginnings! :)

    1. Yes! I was working with Ohio Christian University. I did recruitment and enrollment.

      I'm getting ready to start with Ohio Health as an Office Specialist!

      I'm super excited :)

      Thank you for the congrats, I can't wait to start!!

  2. Ah awesome! Both jobs sound great actually, but I totally understanding needing something new, different, "more" and all that jazz! Here's hoping for a uber easy transition! :)


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