My life today has involved learning.

This ladies & gentleman is my learning manual. I get to go through every single page of this.
Be jealous.

I just feel like I have spend all day in a classroom...
Oh wait, I did.
I spent 730 AM - 330 PM training, long exhausting training.
I came home, ran my quick mile, and went to school where I spent about 515 PM - 925 PM at class.
It was so bad that my trainer kept asking if I was doing okay because she was afraid I might fall asleep and my professor kept trying to call me out during class because I was almost asleep.
Oh man.
I don't even know if exhaustion could explain just how I feel right now.
And the craziness of it all? 
I'm right back at it tomorrow.
Thank goodness for weekends, lunch dates, and girl's nights.
It's what's keeping me going right now.

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