Quiet moments for tired reflections

It's 1 AM and here I am up, waiting for D to come home.
Tonight was one of his long work days and a late night is typically expect on these sort of occasions.
The pups are up & exhausted, but starting to slowly drift off to sleep.
It's quiet besides the television's mummer in the background.
Somehow I've ended up on the Disney channel and I sit mesmerized, wondering why I'm on the Disney channel. For some reason I just keep watching the Disney channel and wonder why I can't seem to find something else better on and then I remember its 1 AM.
Perhaps I can blame this later on the fact that my eyes are straining to keep open, yearning for a solid moment of shut eye. Sleep sounds so wonderful right now but deep down I just really want D to be home. There's just something glorious about sleeping next to that cute boy.
I'm groggy, but I feel so content.
An evening filled with a girl's night is always a treat and a quiet night out is always welcomed after a crazy week. Girl's nights just remind me how awesome my friends really are and make me so appreciative for those times spent around such amazing and unique people.
Oh, and girl's nights always have the best food.
It's funny that when girls are around other girls they pig out but when they are around boys they eat salads. That's just never made sense to me but hey, I just like to eat.
Speaking of busy weeks, busy weeks aren't out of the ordinary for me, however, feeling content after a work week is truly something I haven't experienced in a really long time.
I'm welcoming the break, but I'm not dreading the Monday that stands at the end of the weekend.
I'm actually pretty excited about it. [well, minus the fact that I'm totally thrilled to sleep in this weekend]
I sit here just feeling totally at peace.
And as I reflect upon my life and on where I'm at right now, 
I wouldn't change a thing.
All those hardships have brought so many lessons and truths,
All those months of sadness has brought with it so much contentment and joy.
I'm happy, so very happy.

I love these quiet, reflective moments.

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