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Here's a little recap of the last couple months:

I am... still in the process of training at my new job and I am really enjoying it so far! The hours are great, the benefits are awesome, and all the people I work with seem pretty cool. Yesterday was kind of a crazy day; it could actually be considered a fairly bad sort of day, but I'm chalking it up as a learning experience. I love my current work location because not only am I within minutes of a Starbucks, but I also am surrounded by Jimmy Johns & The Fresh Market. Can life get any better? I think not. I'm also in month 2 of my mile-a-day challenge and so far, so good! I've been loving adding this routine into the daily grind and I really feel it is paying off for me!

D is... the process of growing a massive beard and I like it. It's kind of his "winter thing," but I kind of hope it stays. Last night we watched an episode of Beard Wars [yeah, it's really a thing] and I found it inspiring. D is also super busy between work & coaching. It's the rough spot of our yearly transition, but we're doing the best we can!

We are... planning a future backpacking trip, hopefully this summer! I can't wait for not only warm weather but also spending more time outside surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. We are also in the process of more date nights and learning to be better communicators as well as being more intentional with our time. With our hectic lives, time together can be a challenge. I won't lie, it can be rough, but I sure do love that bearded man and I'm glad he feels the same way [about me].

Jake is... starting a new job February 18! Hooray!! Jake is probably super excited about this because I'm pretty sure he's tired of my vegetarian options. He also keeps playing super rad music and is coming out with some new, really good songs! [Here's the Year of the Buffalo Website]

Abby is... Crafting like crazy! She's making super cute vases to help sponsor her sister's upcoming mission trip. You can see the DIY project HERE or else purchase one from her! [let me know if you are interested!]

I'm pretty sure that's our excitement here in our neck of the woods, what's new with you?

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