Today I feel old.

Okay, before you all start harassing me asking me how someone relatively young 
[mid-twenties] could feel so old. 
[In the words of my older friends/family, "You feel old?!"]
Today I discovered that someone I use to babysit as a wee little one is not only not-so-little anymore but also in high school.
Or what about an event from a few days ago when I was talking to one of my best friends from middle school and she tells me her little brothers are now 12 years old.
Those little boys I use to help her babysit are growing up.
I use to change their diapers and now they are developing their own personalities and behaviors.
And speaking of this best friend, you read that right, we've been besties since middle school- that's about 15-16 years ago.
Say what?!
Or what about seeing my best friend [another from middle school] now having children of her own?
We use to sit in her room talking about N'Sync and boys, having sleepovers and gossip fest, and now she's mothering two little children of her own.
We were so young and now look at us, married, children, buying homes.
It's kind overwhelming when you start thinking about it.
If that doesn't make someone feel old, I don't know what will.

How do those years go by so fast?

It's really shocking when you start to think about it; you know, not just the fact that years have gone by, but the life that has occurred during those years.
That people change, develop, grow.
That little babies grow into young adults.
That friendships take so many different turns and go through so many different events.
That not only am I getting a day older every single day, but so is everyone else around me. weird.

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  1. Definitely an overwhelming thought, my youngest brother is GRADUATING high school in a few months and we are six years apart so yeah I basically feel like a grandma. But I definitely get tripped up by the concept of time and how things that were so important 3 years ago now feel like nothing and forever ago. Its just weird and little sad. But I suppose thats life, right?

    Plus I was thinking off all my friends the other day, you included, and how weird it is that most of us have different last names now haha


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